Framed Kuba Cloth Remnant


  • Framed Kuba Cloth Remnant
  • Framed Kuba Cloth Remnant
  • Framed Kuba Cloth Remnant
  • Framed Kuba Cloth Remnant

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There is a magic about Kuba Cloth - it's organic and earthy, made in a primitive sort of a way, yet reads as quite modern when used just right in interior design. Kuba Cloth is made using the leaf of the raffia tree, which the Kuba people of the Congo first hand cut, and then weave the strips of leaf to make pieces of fabric, often called raffia cloth. There are several different sub groups of the Kuba people and each group has different and unique ways to make the fabric - contributing to the wide variety of styles you'll find of this fabric. Some make it thicker, longer, shorter, or with different patches and/or colors. Each patch has a meaning and different patterns are uniquely arranged to tell a story.

The process of creating these works of art is extremely time-consuming and may take several days to complete a simple piece. Both men and women contribute in equally important ways to the production of this fabric. First, the men first gather the leaves of the raffia tree and dye it using mud or substances from the calmwood tree. They then rub the raffia fibers in their hands to soften it and make it easier for weaving. After they've completed the base cloth the women set about embroidering it.

Kuba Cloth designs are seldom planned out ahead of time, and most of the embroidery is done by memory. In our opinion, this is part of what makes each imperfect piece so lovely and, clearly, so unique.


- Kuba Cloth measures 44x27"

- Vintage Cloth, New Custom Frame

- Ebony Hardwood Frame 

- Premium Clear Glass

- Cloth Floated on Cream Archival Matboard

- Features 2 hanging wires to hang horizontally or vertically

- Includes hanging hardware

- Price is for one (although 2 make quite the statement side-by-side)

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